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There are a number of fee-based executive job hunting sites for $100,000+ executives:  The Ladders, Execunet, RiteSite, BlueSteps and Netshare.  Each has its advantages. All will charge you a monthly or annual fee. Many retained search firms (mine included) never use paid advertising or pay to view resumes on free-for-job-hunters boards such as Monster or 6FigureJobs.  However, since all of these sites other than ExecuNet and Blue Steps allow retained search firms to post positions for free, you’ll see positions advertised on these sites that can be seen nowhere else.  In addition, two of these sites (RiteSite and BlueSteps) allow recruiters to view their database of candidate resumes for free.  If you're actively looking, sign up for one or two of these fee-based services (I would recommend RiteSite and ExecuNet or Ladders), in addition to the free,

The Ladders - Search Jobs by Region

  • RiteSite is a site created and owned by John Lucht, the author of Rites of Passage at $100,000.  Retained recruiters are permitted to search your resume for free; other employers and recruiters are allowed to view an identity-concealed resume of you for free, and email you if they're interested.  Recruiters and employers can list positions for free.  Membership costs $94 for life.  It is still small – only 10,000 members, and gets less activity than does ExecuNet and The Ladders. In addition to being the only $100K+ site that still allows recruiters and employers to have full free usage, the site does have two other significant advantages:  
    • Retained Search Firm List/Email Service:  This is the best feature that RiteSite provides, and easily makes up for the cost of the membership. RiteSite has a list of Rites Honored Recruiters who do 100% retained search. John Lucht claims, and perhaps correctly, that this list contains nearly all of the true retained firms. Some of the firms on the Kennedy Information list (operators of Executive Agent) do some contingency search as well as retained search, or consider themselves retained if they take a $4,000 retainer to start the search and get the balance of their fee on contingency.  These firms are not on the Rites Honored list.  Members can download this list of 600 firms, and have their resume emailed to these firms, as part of the membership package.  This list is probably more accurate than the Kennedy Information list.  Also, when you email through their list, they automatically decide whether to send your resume as an attachment when emailing some firms and send your resume opened up and placed in the body of the email when emailing to others.  This may seem trivial, but some firms will not open email attachments for fear of viruses, while others prefer resumes to be attached.
    • Reconnaissance feature:  RiteSite scours all of the free job boards, including Monster and CareerBuilder, but also Craig’s List, major newspaper job boards and obscure specialty boards for executive jobs (with each job reviewed by a human being to ensure that it is a true  executive jobs), and post them on the site.  These can also be emailed to you, if you set up an agent with keywords. In sum, they list about 10,000 jobs, and all are true $100K+ jobs. Click here to go to RiteSite.
  • ExecuNet positions advertised tend to be more senior than those on The Ladders - they have more $200,000+ positions.  However, recruiters and companies are charged to place ads here, so there are fewer ads. Cost is $39/month or $399/year.
  • The Ladders is the membership job site that charges $25 a month ($149/year), allows employers and recruiters to view your resume, and allows you to view ads, most of which are over 6-figures (The Ladders no longer stipulates that all jobs pay over $100,000, although a high portion of them do). Positions listed here tend to be lower end than those on Netshare, Execunet or RiteSite. They have gone through a number of variations in whether or not they charge recruiters / employers for using their site. Originally, recruiters were allowed to post unlimited jobs for free, and view resumes for free. They then went to a model where they charged recruiters for access. Now, they permit recruiters and employers to post  jobs and to view resumes for free. One retained recruiter who recruits only CEO's told me that this is his most effective ad site. One warning: if you're employed, port your resume confidentially, as your employer can easily see if you're looking.
  • BlueSteps makes your resume available to members of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC).  The AESC is made up of 270 retained firms worldwide, and most of the major firms are members.  For a $289 membership, you can keep your resume on the site for life. Other services they provide have an annual membership fee. The site has 40,000 members, who have an average salary of $230,000.  If your income is under $200,000, this is probably not for you.  If you use this service, you'll be missing many of the retained firms, as many are not members, particularly the smaller firms.  However, member firms may turn here first to view candidate resumes, and these firms tend to be working on  the more senior positions. 

Bear in mind that the vast majority of positions filled by retained search firms are not filled from either ads placed on these executive job-hunting sites or from resumes found on these executive job-hunting sites (or any site).  Most retained searches are filled by a combination of networking, cold contacts to candidates working in the client’s industry, and a review of the firm's internal database of candidates.

Special note on maintaining your confidentiality on these sites: 
If you are employed, DO NOT reveal your identity on these sites, with the exception of permitting RiteSite's Rite's Honored Recruiters to see your identity. Employers as well as recruiters can view resumes on these sites, and some employers periodically check job boards to see which of their employees are looking. Of these, as far as I know, only RiteSite screens recruiters  to ensure that they are truly retained, and labels these firms as Rites Honored Recruiters (a true retained firm is incredibly unlikely to blow your cover - some unscrupulous contingent firms have been known to do so).  In addition, some of these boards are pretty loose on defining whether or not someone is a recruiter at all. Assume that if you sign up for one of these sites other than RiteSite and use your name, word could very well get back to your boss that you're looking.



  • Instantly email your resume to all major Retained Search Firms
  • Search 10,000 six-figure jobs
  • All for only $94 a year

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