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Job Magician College Placement Offices Can Help Alumni, too   

  • Although college placement offices are aimed at getting new grads their jobs, they are usually happy to help alumni as well.
  • They can provide career selection and job search advice, as well as access to databases and other research materials that you would have to pay for elsewhere.

Your college placement office is geared towards getting fresh grads their first jobs. However, most are happy to give alumni help if asked (remember, they are hoping that you’ll put them in your will some day, or that you’ll suggest to your billionaire roommate that he do so).  Don’t expect job listings.  The only ones they’ll have will be for entry-level positions.

What they can provide is some free career counseling (some of these officers are good at this and some are not, so do your best to determine if you’re talking to a knowledgeable person), and perhaps some tactical/job hunting advice.

They can also provide research tools that you may not find elsewhere (at least without a stiff fee).  This is especially helpful if you live near your school.  Even if you don’t, you can often access many of these remotely, if they give you a password.  Sometimes if you’re nice and act downcast, you can walk into the career services department at a local college you didn’t attend, and they’ll help you, especially if it is a state school.

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Career Search and other Databases:
 Many colleges and universities provide access to Career Search, which is a database that provides downloadable information on 14-million businesses.  By using Career Search, you can in a few minutes, download every company in the United States in, for example,  the Search & Navigation Equipment industry, including key contacts, company size, number of employees, address and phone number.  From this download, you can develop target lists for mailing and phone campaigns.

Career Search lists the colleges and universities that use their database in their career services departments on this link:

Many schools will simply give you a password and allow you to use it for free; others may charge you a nominal fee.

Outplacement Alumni - revisit your old firm:  If you are an alumnus of one of the major outplacement firms, that firm may also grant you access to Career Search or a similar database – ask and you can never tell what will be given to you. Some will also give you some limited career guidance for free as well.






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